How to Contribute to uzERP

There are many ways to contribute to uzERP… pull requests from developers are obviously welcome but improving documentation, filing bug reports or submitting a case study or use case would also be very much appreciated.


If you want to get involved in developing uzERP The GitHub Repo is a good place to start

We’ve set up a containerized development version of uzERP to get you up and running quickly without having to spin up a virtual machine or install on a hosting provider - go here for more information.

There is a developer’s page that will be updated regularly and can serve as a jumping off point for more information plus technical articles will be posted on this site under Articles on the top menu.

Create an issue

  • Bug report - raise an issue on github
  • Feature request - The ideas section on the discussion forum is a good place to start.

Improve the documentation

The repo for this documentation is here - if you think something is wrong please create an issue and we’ll put it right.

Submit a case study or blog post

We’d love to hear about your use of uzERP so do get in touch and share what you’ve built with us!